Meet The Fire Truck Pizza Company 

The Fire Truck Pizza Company in no ordinary food truck in Cleveland, Ohio. It is the first mobile wood burning pizza oven to serve pizza from a Fire Truck!  Our style combines old world technique with modern tastes that gives you a pizza pie unlike any other!

Our Truck is as much of a show as the pizza!  It is a retired 1987 Ford C 8000 Pumper Fire Truck, that we have named Fausto.  We have converted it to a food truck or as we like to call it, our Mobile Pizza Extravaganza.  We installed a wood burning oven that cooks at temperatures over 750 degrees. Throughout the modification process we kept the deck water gun operational and have also installed a satellite TV and other great features.  Whether you are having a fire truck birthday party or corporate catering, call us for your next event!

‚ÄčWe want to change the way the world eats pizza, one pie at a time