How far will you travel?

We are based in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and service Cuyahoga and the surrounding counties. Depending on the type of event you are having and our availability we are willing to travel further. Please fill out a Contact Us form to give us details so we can give you a quote. 

How much space does a fire truck party require?

Our trucks are 30' long and will fit in most driveways.  We need a 16 foot space off the passenger side of the truck to set up our tables (this can be on the lawn.)  If you are unsure if we will fit, just ask and we can come by to take a look.

What makes the fire truck different from other food trucks?

First of all, we are a REAL fire truck!  Also, we prepare and cook our pizza on the outside of the truck.   This allows your guests to enjoy watching us prepare their pizza, using only the freshest ingredients, and the art of cooking in a wood burning oven.  Our crews are always friendly, smiling and ready to assist in making your party a success!  Our truck becomes the central gathering place and helps create a fun atmosphere.  It turns your party into an event!

What does a party with the fire truck include?

Wood fired pizza and a show like you have never seen!  We supply all the ingredients and paper products.  We keep the deck water gun filled and ready to launch. Kids from ages 1-99 love this! Please request this truck if you would like to join in the fun! We can bring children's fireman costumes on the truck for pictures.  We can provide drinks, salad and dessert for an additional cost, just ask when booking your event.

Can we take pictures of the truck?

YES! We encourage you to take pictures with the truck. We think our truck is beautiful and hope you do too!

What if it rains, snows, or hails?...we do live in cleveland

The truck has an awning that extends out so we can continue to make pizza in light to moderate rain.  We are not equipped to deal with heavy rain or high winds as the pizza will get wet.  If this happens we will have to stop making pizza or we are happy to bring cooked pizzas inside to a designated space. 

The truck is a pumper truck, does it still spray water?

YES! Even though we removed the original 750 gallon water tank, we installed a smaller tank and kept the deck water gun operational.  Kids and adults love launching it.  It makes for great fun at children and school events!

How much time will you be at my event?

We base our time by number of guests.  We allot 1.5 hours for lunch events, and 2 hours for dinner events.  We arrive approximately 30 minutes before your party to set up and take about 20 minutes to break down.  If you have particular time constraints that you need to work with, just ask and we may be able to accommodate you.  If you would like us to stay longer, we can do this for an additional charge. 

What do you use to fuel the fire?

Our only fuel source is hard wood.  We believe there is no other way to cook a traditional Italian pizza.  Only this can give it the high temperature it needs to create a crispy crust on the outside and remain soft and airy on the inside. 

how far in advance should i book a party?

Most parties are booked months in advance.  If you know the date of your event then it isn't too early to book.  Summer months and Saturdays are the first to book.  You can save the date of your event with a small deposit and discuss details later.

how much does a fire truck pizza party cost?

Every pizza party is unique and we pride ourselves in adapting to your needs.  Price will vary based on toppings, variety of pizzas, and number in attendance.  We do have a minimum price and must adhere to this even if you do not have the minimum number of guests.  Please take a look at our pricing page for more details.

What is the process for booking a party?

We require a $300 non refundable deposit to hold your date and time.  A few weeks before the party we will finalize details.  The remainder of the balance is due 10 days prior to the event.  We accept all major credit cards, personal checks or cash.

what happens if I cancel my party?

If you change the date of your party within 14 days of your original date, no problem we will work withyou to find a date that is available.  If you cancel the party within 1-10 days prior to your event, you forfeit the funds.